Family strengthening programmes were set up in informal settlements to prevent family separation for children who are at risk of losing parental care. We work in cooperation with local authorities and other community based organisations to empower families and communities to effectively protect and care for their children.

Each family has a family development plan and works together with SOS CV towards reaching agreed upon goals. The types of support provided includes assistance with obtaining national documents, minimal start-ups funds for income generating activities, assistance with school fees, clothing and capacity building.
Some of the ways in which we engage in the communities:
Coaching in parenting and household management skills
Family counselling to resolve issues
Access to health care services for children and nursing mothers
Access to education for girls and boys, including school fees, school uniforms, learning materials, tutoring and after-school help.
Training and equipping parents to earn an income and create a stable home
Sewing programmes offered at Ondangwa and Tsumeb