SOS is committed to provide neccesary basic needs for children and ensures the normal development of all children it serves. Some of the care services SOS provides for the children and young people in care are;

Early Childhood development

SOS invests in early childhood development for the emotional, social and physical development of young children. Wellbeing of the child is closely monitored and children receive professional Early Childhood Development services.

Youth Development

We support young people towards independent living. SOS invests in youth development in the areas of training, coaching and mentoring for employability skills development. During this process, young people are prepared on how to choose a career, apply for jobs and retain jobs. The preparation for independent living starts from the young age of 12 until they are ready for integration.


Children and young people are supported in education at all levels, from early childhood development to tertiary education. When children exit the programme, they are further supported with after care to ensure a smooth integration into the community and secure their living conditions before SOS CV can stop support.

Capacity Building to staff members and care givers

Caregivers are empowered through workshops to provide quality care for children. These workshops include basic child care knowledge, skills and resources to meet their needs. Mothers and support staff at the organisation are trained through workshops in basic mother training where they are put on a 6 months training program to ensure that they are equipped with necessary parenting skills to develop an understanding of child development in providing quality child care.

Workshops are also held on financial literacy as mothers are entrusted in budgeting and taking care of children's financial needs. Further trainings focus on child protection, youth development, nutrition, first aid, youth matters, and taking care of children with special needs are also placed as priority for quality care.

Sport and Recreation

SOS CV strives to ensure a holistic approach in child care which makes sports and recreation an important aspect of child development. SOS CV have youth committees with the assistance of youth leaders who ensure that there are weekly activities for children and youth that includes games, sports and talent enhancement.

Psychosocial Suport

SOS supports families by providing counselling and psychosocial support to children and their families. We have qualified social workers in three programme locations. SOS CV have the necessary expertise to provide psychosocial support for the children and youth through;
     • Group work therapy
     • Peer counselling and training
     • Life skills development and trauma counselling

Our social workers work hands on ensuring that the children’s well-being is taken care off.